A mangina that could take the red pill. Despite of being a mangina, hes resigning because olga luca lozano, editor in chief of lasillavacia,like any feminist in every part of the universe, dishonestly started attacking him but not his arguments and studies that reveal that sexual violence isnt a distinguishable problem in colombia, taking off powers to some feminists demands (funds, programs, etc). He could have been a late candidate to the red pill who knows. As 2010 draws to click the following article a close, we celebrate the years 10 most underrated performances. As we head into awards season, the likes of colin firth and helena bonham carter are hotly tipped to pick up nominations at the very least, if not actual gongs for their acting in the kings speech. Christian bale made a big old physical transformation for the fighter, as did natalie portman for black swan. But those two films wont come out until 2011 in the uk, and nor will the kings speech. The tendency is to award stuff that comes out at the very end of the year, and so a lot of good performances earlier in the movie calendar are forgotten. Most of these actors didnt undergo gruelling physical transformations or star in the kind of film that oscar likes to reward. Maybe not oscar good, but they were undervalued, either in reviews or just within the films in which they played. Here are ten performances you havent been thinking about all that much in 2010.
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